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eCommerce Development

Website Development

Technologies have influenced our lives in such a way that everything is now easy to access just with a click of a button.

Every facility that we can think of can be availed by the power of internet. Besides, with these facilities, people tend to spend more time online.

Investors and analysts are capitalizing the immense presence of people in the world of internet and try to lure them with great offers and great products.

So, in this competitive world it is necessary to have an ecommerce website for a successful business and to reach more people around the globe.

We offer many features for e-commerce website development some of which are mentioned below but not limited to:

  • 1

    Cost Effective Methodology/Competitive Pricing:

    We provide true value for your investment by giving the best price in the market with top-notch quality product delivery. We develop robust and reliable ecommerce application and services which can be a real value to the customers.

  • 2

    Quality & Timely Development Phases & Processes:

    Our developers have all the skill-sets and expertise to give quality products which adhere to pre-defined set of deadlines. In requirement assembly stage, we take care of the minute details to develop the website and when we possess clear picture of functioning of the application. Having all these points implemented, then only we proceed towards development phase.

  • 3

    Seamless & End-to-End Support:

    After the application is delivered and it is live we take care of all the maintenance activities and along with change management & configuration management process.

We provide shopping cart features along with eCommerce website which includes following function set:

  • 1

    Customized professional layout ...

    ... and design which are aligned as per your needs.

  • 2

    We make application ...

    ... compatible to latest versions of SSL / HTTPS

  • 3

    We provide search engine ...

    ... easy URL structure (for data crawling and get searches right into your websites)

  • 4

    We even customize ability ...

    ... to dictate Title, Keyword and description of each listed products.

  • 5

    Freedom to create unlimited products ...

    ... their categories and subcategories.

  • 6

    We provide payment gateway integration ...

    ... with the entire top and secure payment gateway providers like PayPal, yourpay, Google Checkout etc.

Our team of experts uses high quality of open source development framework to produce highly trusted application which can bear any amount of load and traffic. Below are the frameworks and methodologies that we use:

  • 1

    Magento Development Framework

    Great framework which delivers highest ROI with immense customization features.

  • 2

    Open Cart Development Framework

    Designed for extensive amount of features for ecommerce websites and applications. Products are very search engine friendly with attractive set of GUI without compromising on reliability and security aspect of the online store.

  • 3

    Excellent User Interface for both Front & Back Panel

    We make sure to keep it user friendly since for buyers front panel is the only interface through which they recognize the site and purchase the product with ease.

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