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10+ App Marketing Resources Worth Knowing

We do our best to provide you with innovative ideas posts on the echoinnovateIT Blog ????

But we definitely can’t cover everything and we’re certainly not experts in all domains.

Lots of people create innovative and awesome content, so here is a nice list of resources dealing with how to market your app.

This list is meant to evolve, as some resources become more relevant.

This post doesn’t cover the resources that deal with “Mobile News”, as these are pretty easy to find.

Gamasutra – The Art & Business of Making Games

Gamasutra covers game creation and business in general, and their smartphone/tablet section give some great insights to app developers about game development, marketing and crowdfunding.

They have TONS of post and it can be a little overwhelming but it’s good stuff and there are very frequent posts from the community.

Tapstream’s blog

The Tapstream blog has a nice mix of blog posts, from app reviews and tips/resources for app marketing to interviews and debates.

An easy, interesting read.

Apptweak’s blog

On their blog, the Apptweak team publishes pretty thorough and definitely interesting articles on app marketing and promotion. Plus, they have videos lessons in the ASO University section (more French accents in the app marketing world!).

Since the “gold rush” of app development started, a lot of books have been written. That includes a lot of crappy ones. Here are a few that are really good reads.

Pitch Perfect – Practical Advice From Professional Bloggers

Pitching is an art, and a lot of developers and teams do it wrong.

Even if you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s highly probable that you will learn a thing or two about how to pitch from Steven Sande and Erica Sadun (TUAW).

The book is actually not only about pitching, but also about what makes a great app.

10+ App Marketing Resources Worth Knowing

The nice thing about podcasts and audio in general is that you don’t need to be in front of a screen.

You learn about app marketing while jogging, driving or kicking it on the beach.

Mobile App Chat Podcast

On his podcast, Steve P. Young has invited many developers and mobile app experts.

From ASO to validating ideas and of course top developers’ interviews (Tweetbot, Shazam, etc.), Steve has created an incredible amount of quality audio content for you to listen to.

Great insights and interesting stories.

App Business Podcast

Chris and David have been publishing great podcasts frequently over the last few months, discussing with either people involved in the mobile app industry or developers sharing their stories.

iPhoneDevSDK Promotion techniques

The Promotion Techniques section of the iPhoneDevSDK forum is not the most popular and sometimes suffer from a little too much auto-promotion but it’s a great place to exchange some thoughts and techniques between indie developers.

Some interesting debates and insights from time to time.

If you develop games, you might prefer TouchArcade Forums.

App Entrepreneurs and Marketers Facebook Group

This Facebook group is a place where some really interesting articles are app marketing/business can be discussed.

Quora + LinkedIn + Twitter

Quora is a great place to find relevant information.

LinkedIn has some interesting groups (the ones with no spam) and of course following the right persons on Twitter can help you discover great content.

Fiksu Webinars

The Fiksu webinars are interesting, and it’s always nice to be able to ask questions at the end.

Do you know of some kind of incredible app marketing resource we’re not aware of?

Please share it in the comments!

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