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3 Most Important Mobile App Development Tips from the CEO of Instagram

Mobile App Development simply compounds the problems you have on the web.

Here are a few examples:

More languages to manage — You have to deal with other languages beyond HTML and Javascript such as Objective-C and other native languages.

Phone behavior varies — Computer access is standardized. Not so with phones.

Manage connectivity — Not a concern with web apps today, but a huge concern with phone apps that fall onto the EDGE network or disconnect completely. How can your app handle that? Many apps simply shut down or freeze once the phone hits the EDGE network. You have to optimize your output for speed and inactivity of network.

The best feature is less features in mobile app development.

To get a little insight in the mobile app development tips & secrets of Instagram, check what the CEO, Kevin Systrom, at the Mobilize conference in San Francisco has to say in this short, less than 5 min video.

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