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[Infographic] Basic Steps to Develop your Game App

A complete step by step process to develop your game app.

If you’re not an app developer and you dream of developing an app of yours then you should better get started with the basics.

It takes a lot of energy, research and hard work to develop an app.

So before you go on to hire someone for doing all the concerned tasks, it is imperative for you as the founder of the app to do all the dirty work of doing the market research and cross-checking the credibility of your game app.

Let’s see everything in a little detail.


Market Research

First and foremost step to be taken is a thorough market research for the niche idea of your app.

It is very important to speculate the need of your app and the prevailing competition in the similar genre on app stores (both Apple and Google Play).

Be it a game like Indian Rummy or a game like Candy Crush, you should be clear with your vision of the app and its scalable future.


When you’re done with building a cohesive app idea, designing part of your app kicks in.

In this step, you only have to sketch the basic design of your app- how it would look, its basic features, button designs, etc.

This would give a slight idea to the UX designers to work on it.

Build up the team

Once you’re ready to start the development process, hire a developer, a ux designer, and a tester.

These people will ensure the development and design process of your app.

Testing and Feedback

Test your product and take feedback from the audience.

Implement those feedbacks into the product coupled with the elimination of bugs from the app.

This will ensure smooth navigation in the app without any glitches.


A solid marketing plan: The best app in the world won’t succeed if it isn’t marketed thoroughly.

Include app promotion in your budget; it’s essential if you want to attract your first users, test metrics and continue with more campaigns.

We at Echo Innovate IT love taking ideas and turning them into real apps.

We are passionate, creative, and have experience developing products as entrepreneurs.


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