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Business App Development

In years past, websites and social media became essential for businesses, as so much of today’s daily practices are done online. Whether it’s shopping, looking for a place to eat, or reading the news, it’s all done online in this modern age. While websites and social media are still essential to business, as are mobile apps. Whether in place of a mobile version of your website, or alongside, a business app can do wonders in meeting consumer demands—and Echo Innovate IT can help you bring your app idea to fruition.

No matter the industry, business apps can make sense for virtually any company. As alluded to above, view it as an interactive version of your mobile site, where consumers can make orders, find information, contact customer service, and much more. It all starts with the right idea and innovative features.

Mobile Apps: Benefits for Businesses

Creating an app for your business is no different than creating a website, except you can add a range of useful features to benefit both your company and your consumers, or the app users. Just like an easy-to-navigate website helps retain site traffic, a business app with a great user interface keeps consumers on your app and converting. Moreover, if you create an easy way for consumers to purchase a product or manage orders, they’ll be more inclined to return to your business for future needs.

Whether you create a one-stop shop for an ecommerce business, or a simple way for customers to sign up for services and manage appointments, there’s a broad range of ways you can create an innovative and appealing mobile app. However, there’s some features you’ll want to include to keep up with the competition, in addition to adding your way unique capabilities to set your app apart.

Common Features for Business Apps

While the type of features your app includes will be up to you, there’s a few common features you should consider adding. For instance, customer service is always important—regardless of the industry of type of business. In this regard, you can add a customer service portal on your site, connecting users to the representative via chat. Then, you could include an area with past and current communications for users to keep track. For more common features, check out the list below:

  • User Accounts: For most business types, it’s a good idea to allow users to create accounts. For ecommerce businesses, it’s completely necessary. Here, users can manage orders and communication, update contact info, etc.
  • Social Media: Incorporating social media into your app is a great way to get the word out. You can even allow users to create accounts through a social platform (like Facebook), and share any content they like directly to their feed.
  • Feedback: Allow users to give feedback on the app, and make it easily accessible on the app itself. This way, you can gauge exactly how users feel about the app, and make any changes you see necessary from the feedback.
  • Customization: Another good tip is allowing users to customize the layout or design of the app. Whether it’s simply changing the color scheme or choosing what menu items are displayed, the ability to customize goes a long way with consumers.

In addition to features for the consumers, you should always add analytics to your business app. Much like feedback, analytics will tell you about your audience and how they behave on your app. In assessing the metrics regularly, you can make necessary changes to the app as you see fit.

Create an App for Your Business

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