Facebook Allows You To Add A 7-Second Looping Video As A Profile Pic
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Facebook Will Allow You To Add A 7-Second Looping Video As A Profile Pic

Facebook Starts Letting You Add A 7-Second Looping Video As A Profile Pic.

To keep its decade-old social network lively, Facebook is acquainting five major changes with user profiles, which are seen 4 billion times each day:

The features begin rolling out and testing today for some users.

Together, these changes should make Facebook more visually stimulating and addicting.

As other networks like Twitter introduce auto-play video like Facebook did, and Snapchat adds animated selfie lenses and its own profile GIFs, Facebook has to stay a step ahead in the graphic arms race.


facebook video profile

Soon you’ll be able to click on your profile pic to upload a new profile video.

You tap the record button and can shoot for up to 7 seconds with sound.

The looping video will auto-play without sound (unless clicked) on your profile and the feed tale about you transferring it.

A still cover picture you select will show up all over the place else, for example, the little thumbnail that shows up by your News Feed stories.

Featured Photos:

video as a profile pic

The following greatest feature is another alternative to choose up to five Featured Photos that will show up stuck to an area at the top of your profile.

This is intended to give you a chance to give individuals considering your friend request or who just met you a superior hint to your personality.

They could demonstrate your most loved after-work exercises, your pets, or simply some additional selfies.

Consider them the additional photographs in your Tinder profile.

They’re not your primary profile pic, but rather they’ll be utilized to judge you.

Temporary Profile Pics:

It lets you select a profile pic, but have yours revert to your old pic after a set number of hours, days, or weeks.

It’s useful for promoting a cause, like the millions of people who set their profile pic in support of Digital India Initiative.

Visibility Controls And Bio:

video as a profile pic

Facebook is presently including line protection controls to the huge About data handle that appear at the highest point of your profile.

Those set to public will now show up quickly on the profile underneath your profile pic, as opposed to covered in the About area.

You’ll likewise have the capacity to portray yourself in words with another 100-character Bio field, which could likewise help people with making sense of on the off chance that they need to be your friend, as long as you keep that section public.

Mobile Centric Design:

As opposed to simply port all the more left-aligned web profile to mobile, Facebook has assembled a versatile mobile-first design.

It makes the profile pic/video greater and places it in the center point of the screen.

Beneath, as opposed to little boards that open to uncover subtle elements on friends and photographs, Facebook is giving both their own enormous areas pinned underneath the profile pic and above the timeline.

It’s another keen way Facebook has figured out how to adjust its business to its user experience.

Individuals go to your profile to become more acquainted with you.

News articles or weekend stories aren’t as illustrative as a profile feature, included photographs, or Bio content.

Pushing them to the top gives your friends, and sponsors, a superior comprehension of who you are.

Did you like these features? Which one out of all of these is your favorite? Share your love in the comments below.

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