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Food & Drink App Development

No matter the business type, the food & drink industry has benefitted greatly from the rise of smartphones and mobile devices, as well as all of the apps for such. Whether it’s a restaurant locator, ordering app for a specific restaurant, or digital recipe book, these apps continue to pop up each day—and there’s always room for innovation.

At Echo Innovate IT, we can make any food & drink app idea come to fruition. If you have an innovative app idea, or are interested in creating one, let the experts at Echo give you some pointers.

Food & Drink Apps: How They’re Beneficial

In contrast to restaurant apps, which allow consumers an easy way to find restaurants, reserve tables, make orders, and leave reviews, food & drinks apps can range from digital recipe books to food tracking for dieters. From here, an app could include a range of features, whether it be an easy way to save recipes or make a shopping list for a new diet. With a great user interface and useful features, these food & drink apps can be quite beneficial for both parties.

For instance, say you run an organic food delivery service. You can then create an app that allows consumers to view products, access nutritional facts, or even make a weekly meal plan with the food they order. This keeps users returning to your app, as well as purchasing products, while they can use a single app for ordering their food and planning meals. Of course, it’s all going to come down to the features you include—and again, we can help.

Food & Drink App Ideas

food and drink appsIn developing a food & drink app for your business, whatever it may be, there’s a range of features you should consider including, in addition to any innovative ideas you might have to set your app apart. To help you get started, we’ve listed a few common app features to consider adding in your own. Check them out:

  • Meal Planning: Regardless of whether or not you actually sell and deliver food, it’s always helpful to consumers to have a place where they can keep track of and plan their meals for the week.
  • Calorie Counter: Alongside planning meals, a calorie counter helps users further track their eating habits and stay in line with their diet. You could even consider a calculator, telling users how many “self-allotted” calories the have left.
  • Nutrition Facts: Needless to say, nutrition facts are always important to dieters and fitness types. This could be for food being ordered, or a search feature, allowing them to look up nutrition facts for specific items.
  • Fitness/Food Log: Fitness/exercise often comes with dieting, so providing a place for users to track their food consumption, as well as fitness for the week, is a great feature to include.

Get Started on Your Food & Drink App Today

If you’ve come up with great app idea, food & drink related or not, the expert developers and design team at Echo Innovate IT can help make it a reality. We’ve created a broad range of apps for numerous brands and businesses, bringing the technical work you need for your innovative idea. To get started, contact us today. You can also give us a call at 386.675.0158.