How to Search Keywords without Google Keyword Tool
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How to Search Keywords without Google Keyword Tool

Keywords play a critical role in search engine optimization (SEO). In this article you will see how to search keywords without google keyword tool.

You will get to learn how you can do your keyword research in a different way without using the Google Keyword Tool.

This is a very cool method to do your keyword research if you are not able to use the Google Keyword Tool, or if you don’t like that tool or may be you want to try something else.

In some countries, google keyword research tool is not working.

So, let us go ahead and see “How to Search Keywords without Google Keyword Tool.”

First, go to and then in the search box type whatever you want to look for.

For example: If we type “how to create” Google Search Box then we will get something like below:


So if you see the automatic suggestions given by Google are different keywords related to your search.

On the basis of this research there is one important tip for you:

It’s best to use a Long Tail Keyword instead of a Short Tail.

How to Search Keywords without Google Keyword Tool and apply them on YouTube Video Marketing?

Now, let’s suppose you want to do some video marketing then you can use the same technique on YouTube as well.

So, before you write any post or record a video for your article, just do this research and find your focused keyword.

Now let’s move on.

Once you have the automatic suggestions from Google and you do your research, it’s time to scroll down at the bottom of the same page of Google.

Let’s suppose in this above example, we selected the keyword as “how to create android apps” and hit enter.


Once you hit enter, scroll down to the bottom of the same page and you will see something like this:


So, you can pick any of these keywords or may be all of them to target for your articles or ads. Once again, make sure you choose the long tail keywords and not the short tail.

For example: “25 guidelines for an amazing web design”

Don’t be afraid to use the long tail keywords because people are searching for whole bunch of random and different things online. You can apply the same technique for YouTube!

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