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Mobile app Migration & Integration

Innovators and businesses are under constant pressure to evolve and react quickly to always changing requirement at low prices that should fall in a company’s budget. Our integration services primarily focuses on business values by creating streamline methodology to meet desirable goals.

We have under laid top-class strategy and possess years of experience to achieve that seamless integration & migration across diverse platforms.

In most common business scenarios, people do not move total or entire application stack in different environment; normally they add-up functionalities in the existing system/stack. This integration does require degree of expertise and in-depth grasp over the subject matter that our team possesses.

We have a team with vast insight and experience in complex migration and integration services across the entire mobile framework.

Why Choose Us

Cost effective models

With our cost effective models, we reap maximum benefits from legacy technology, applications and infrastructure by seamlessly integrating the same with newer and better platforms & frameworks.

Quality Analysts

Our team of Quality Analysts takes care of rectifying any issues and bugs in every stage to uproot any integration issues.

Efficient data extraction

We utilize efficient data extraction, transformation and data porting methodology between various systems and interfaces maintaining minimum amount of delay in every set of processes.


We are committed to maintain high standards of responsiveness and performance after integration process with high level of data integrity.


We have exposure to many Application Programing Interface (APIs) and back-end sources to fetch the data for mobile application usage and inputs.

Payment Gateway

We also provide efficient integration of payment gateway services across all platforms and integration with leading payment solutions such as PayPal, Google etc.

Database Migration
With Extreme Care

Migration process has always been challenging as to move out from legacy system, to meet customers and business demands. We possess a set of expertise and required proprietary skills that can effortlessly migrate old and historic data for new application interface usage.

We have strategic set of steps that will help you to migrate with ease and comfort. Be it an application migration process or database migration process, we have our team of experts to help you out in these set of requirements.

We use a set of middle ware toolkit to fill any gaps created between this cross platform migrations. We undertake Database Migration with extreme care, as we know it is very crucial for functioning of any business and supporting applications. We deploy utmost integrity checks along with thoughtfulness at the time of implementing database migration framework.

Request For Proposal

Step 1:

Once you submit your request our Business Analyst will speak with you to discuss and define project requirements in detail within 24 working hours.

Step 2:

Followed by that our Analyst will provide detailed project proposal including cost estimate, project plan & timeline within next 1 – 2 working days. We shall start working on your project as soon as Proposal is approved.

Step 3:

After Proposal approval , our dedicated project manager (single point of contact) will assign designers + developers team to commence work on your project.