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Invite Only

About Project

Invite Only is an ad-free app combining many of the features we enjoy most from some of the most popular social media apps. It allows user to take a photo to share with your friends, plan a party or organize a group project, chat with a friend or with a group, or just let the world know what you’re thinking. It’s a new way to stay connected, all from your phone


echoinnovate IT Team came up with interactive app which uses popular features, in a unique and fresh way which allows photo sharing, one to one chat, Group chat, event creation to name a few.


Invite only  App provides a clean and streamline social media experience,No adds, pop-ups, in-app purchases, or any other distractions. Invite Only is designed to include the aspects  from all the popular social media apps that currently are on the market, and we want to continue to tailor it to what people want. 


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