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Responsive Design v/s Mobile friendly Web Designs

A SWOT Analysis to solve the riddle of Responsive Design v/s Mobile friendly web designs

It is very much true that our regular PC is going to die a mournful death in the near future because it is getting complicated.

It is very much true that other platforms like Tablets or I-Pads are not consistent when it comes to market penetration and bigger stakes in the pie of internet.

The only segment where the world is going to access the internet is going to be smart phones.


In a condition like this if you are planning to develop a real estate in a virtual world then it is important for you to select the right kind of vehicle for your endeavours.

Mobile screens are certainly going to lead in future, however, when we weigh them on the scale of now then we find that small screen of mobile is still winning the trust levels of information-hungry consumers.

PC’s has done a kind of classical conditioning of old users.

New users, however, are more familiar with Mobile screens.

Think about it from the perspective of an entrepreneur

Now what do you think, as an entrepreneur seeking to set up a business on an internet platform, your options are clear, you can go for mobile websites and be with the future.

It is certainly not that easy. It may be an easy call for web development services providers because they can count the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile specific designs and responsive designs.

However, what they are sharing with you is not the complete picture.

They are comparing tools. As an entrepreneur, you need to see it from the perspective of a process.

Here we are highlighting some major comparisons that can help you in making a swift decision related to the selection of responsive design or a mobile specific design.


What is the status of SEO exercise for you? Where exactly you want to display yourself?

Responsive web designs are universal designs when we compare them with mobile specific designs then we can say that Mobile specific designs carry this tag of “restricted” upon them because they are practically not visible on other mediums.

If they are visible then the distorted visuals and broken pages can damage your reputation and put a tag of lousy campaigner on you.

Check your SEO goals all over again if mobile screens are your main target area then a stand – alone mobile design can win the race of SEO for you with excellence.


Responsive designs on a mobile platform can perform on a slightly lower ranking.

If it is a cutthroat competition of numbers for you and mobile screens are your key result areas, then going for a mobile design is always a better option.

On the other hand, if you are in a mode of retaining customers and adding mobile screen as a convenience in the main bouquet of the events then a tell the people offering web development services that you want a responsive web design.

Check out the showbiz quotient of your business

Web development services providers often find themselves in a fix when they come across with some parties that are trying to make it big in the field of fashion and other showbiz venues.

Here design and presentation matter because they are an integral part of the package.

Instead of going for responsive web designs, these pages should go for two separate web designs.

The reason is quite simple, responsive web designs have this limitation, they work on “common minimum platforms” it means you might need to compromise on the aesthetics, latest functions and the speed of the website.

In a condition like this, you can always maintain two separate web designs, one specifically designed for mobile and another one that will be a responsive one.

Data update and other functions may cause you some trouble in the beginning but once the things will get streamlined, you will not regret it by any standards.

If you have got your answer but you are yet to find out a responsible name for the web development solutions, you can write us at anytime!

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