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Step by Step: How to Submit an iOS App to the App Store


Before You Begin…

You will need an iOS Developer account and have set-up the iTunes Connect information for your app before following the steps in this article.

After creating an app entry in iTunes Connect, you should upload the build created by the Mag+ Publish portal using Apple’s Application Loader tool.

Before submitting your app for review, you must publish at least one Mag+ Issue.

The Apple Review Board must see this Issue within your app in order to approve it.

When submitting a Mag+ app to the Apple App Store, it is possible to include third-party integrations for serving advertisements, reporting on user activity, etc.

How to Submit an App to the App Store for the First Time:

1. Login to iTunes Connect at

2. Click on the “My Apps” icon to see the list of your available apps.

3. Click on your app in order to view the App Information page.

It will look similar to the image below.

4. Click on the Activity tab to show builds that can be submitted for review.

If there are no builds uploaded, you will see the message “Submit your builds using Xcode or Application Loader.”

5. When submitted, the build will go through a “Processing” stage to check for errors.

When the processing is complete, you will be able to select the build to associate it with your app in the next step.

6. In the left column click the tab that says “Prepare for Submission, then scroll to the “Build” section and click the “+” icon.

7. In the window that appears, select the build you want to submit and click “Done”.

8. Click on “Submit for Review” and answer Apple’s final questions about your app and then click on “Submit”.

9. After a successful submission, your app status will change to “Waiting for Review”.

The lead time for the Apple review varies but is usually around 10 working days.

At this point you cannot make any changes to the metadata until after the app is approved.

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