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What should be done to Increase your Mobile App Retention?

In today’s seemingly endless world of mobile apps, even if you think you have a winner, get ready for your bubble to be burst fairly quickly.

If you do bust through the app launch barrier and your app starts generating downloads, you should know that your work is just beginning.

Not only did you build it, but you need to inspire as many downloaders as possible to continue using it, hence retaining them as users which would turn into increased monetization opportunities.

If you build it, they might come and download it.

But, will they come again..and again….and again?

That is your app’s main goal, maximizing your retention rate and converting those first time users into 2nd, 3rd, 4th time users and beyond.

The Growing Importance of Mobile App Retention

Most mobile experts agree that in the world of apps, retention is the most important measurement today to gauge just how valuable your app is in the eyes of your users.

It will allow you to see how many users who download your app and use it once, come back as returning users.

This metric will empower you to see what is working and what isn’t in your bid to engage your users, and to refine your app as needed to retain as many users as possible.

This refinement of your app is paramount in maximizing your retention, and in so doing increasing conversions.

The key to measuring retention is understanding the frequency which users return to your app after their first visit over a specified time frame.

Bringing them On Board

In the context of retaining your users after their first time use, you need to employ a killer on boarding experience for the user without overwhelming them.

Engage them.

Connect them to your brand or product.

Monitoring your users’ every move throughout your app is imperative to understanding user behavior and seeing how they use the app.

Say, you present your new downloaders with some awesome fresh content in the process of them signing in.

It is something they never have seen before.

It’s something that keeps them engaged with your app, and by the time they get to the conversion screen to sign up, they can’t come up with a reason not too.

This is called showing them value before they sign up.

Before you know it, you have an active user who comes daily.

Your user base continues to grow.

 Increase Your Mobile App Retention

Increasing Retention beyond Onboarding

While monitoring your onboarding process and refining as needed is a key aspect of retaining your users, you want to continue this process beyond onboarding, in order to keep refining how your app engages your active user base.

By understanding the why behind the actions of new and active users, you can learn, refine and create fresh ways to onboard, engage them and keep your app retention rate high.

App marketers need to focus on increasing retention in their bid to increase Lifetime Value (LTV).

LTV is all about measuring the value of a user over time.

Defining it is different for each app, but it needs to be a metric that is quantifiable and is tied to certain actions within your app.

The Added Value of Visual Mobile Analytics

You need to know more than the key metrics that traditional analytics provides. You might know how many downloads have been performed, how many drop out, but you don’t gain an insight into the user experience and behavior to arrive at a conclusion why they are.

You’re missing where they are pinching, swiping, tapping.

Visual App Analytics, such as Appsee, includes features to turn your understanding of user behavior into action and empowers you to optimize your app in terms of UI, UX, Design, etc.

This will translate into increased retention rate, conversions and in-app monetization.

The next piece of the puzzle is to refine your app’s strategies for retention.

Without converting your downloaders to active users, and retaining them, you’ll most likely never see those users again.

More importantly, all your efforts from day 1 will be a waste of time and money.

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