Why you need a CDN for your WordPress website?
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Why you need a CDN for your WordPress website?

Do You Need A CDN For Your WordPress?

Just to clarify, CDN is something you use on top of having a web hosting account because it helps speed up things.

CDN does not replace a web hosting account.

You still need to have a hosting provider.

What is a CDN?

CDN is short for Content Delivery Network which is a network of servers that deliver cached static content from websites to users based on the geographic location of the user.

In simpler terms, normally when a user comes to your WordPress blog, they are redirected to your web host’s server.

Your web host’s server is located at a central location i.e Houston, TX. So every user on your website is accessing this one server to view your website.

Now if you have high volume of traffic, then you can overload your server which leads to a slow loading site or even server crash.

This is where a CDN comes in handy because it is a network of servers, but most importantly these servers are spread through out the world.

When you use a CDN for your WordPress website, your static content is cached and stored on all of these servers.

Static content includes images, stylesheets (css files), javascripts, Flash, etc.

Now when a user visits your site (original server), the CDN technology redirects them to the closest server to their location.

One of the important factors that make a good website, is the website speed.

Website visitors like websites with good loading speed and only feel frustration over the slow-loading ones.

A slow loading website is likely to lose visitors over a fast-loading one.

Do you now see how important a website loading speed is?

There are many ways to do that can help you make your site load faster, and in this post we will talk about CDN, something that will help you a lot in speeding up your website loading speed.

CloudFlare CDN (Contend Delivery Network) caches the most popular content of your website on it’s strategically located servers across the globe.

Every webpage access request is served by a server that is closest to the requesting machine.

Apart from caching the content it also serves optimized versions of your web pages by minifying Javascript and also provides an extra layer of security by challenging attackers and spambots and thus filters the unwanted traffic before the request reaches your server.

Why you need a CDN for your WordPress?

cdn for your wordpress

The number one reason for using a CDN is to improve your user’s experience in terms of speed.

When higher search engine ranking is achieved by a website or a blogger, then the blog will become global.

This means that anyone from any part of the world with internet access can and may view your site.

What’s exciting about this is since your scope is broad; you have higher chances of not only earning more, but also inspiring more people.

If you want to achieve such status, it is better to avail of a CDN for your WordPress that has wider coverage.

For you to know which CDN to get, you must check the countries where you get the most hits.

Not only does the use of CDN for your WordPress potentially increase your chances of earning more and inspiring more, it also decreases your expenses.

When you use CDN, it makes loading faster and running the server faster too.

Due to this, you do not need to continuously upgrade your computer’s hardware for example RAM or hard drive or improving your CPU in general.

If you were to weigh spending for CDN or spending for computer parts, it is cheaper to go for the former than the latter.

Now let’s discuss some other key benefits of using a CDN for your WordPress website.

>> NO MORE CRASHES due to CDN for your WordPress >>

CDN allows us to distribute the load to multiple servers instead of having 100% traffic to our main server thus making it less likely to crash.

>> IMPROVED USER EXPERIENCE due to CDN for your WordPress >>

You will see a decline in the bounce rate of your website.

You will also notice increase in the page views and numbers of pages viewed by each user.

So clearly a fast site means improved user experience.

>> SEO WILL BE BETTER THAN BEFORE due to CDN for your WordPress >>

Google has clearly stated that faster sites tend to rank higher in Search Engines.

So definitely, there are great chances in improving your website’s rank due to increase in website speed.

>> FASTER PAGE DOWNLOADS due to CDN for your WordPress>>

As we discussed above, the vast network of servers brings your site to people a little bit faster.

Since it doesn’t have to get rerouted or sent through numerous servers and computers, it ensures that your content is getting sent to the right people in a reasonable time.

>> DECREASE IN THE PROBLEMS DUE TO NETWORK once you get CDN for your WordPress >>

One of the main benefits of a CDN is that it helps support videos, images and complex scripts.

Therefore, your end users have fewer problems with jittery page loads and streaming issues.

This aspect of a CDN gives you the power to deliver high-definition content to your user without much increase in cost or network load.

Overall, a CDN provides many performance benefits for your website.

By distributing bandwidth across multiple server nodes, a CDN may help reduce load on your main host.

This does not automatically eliminate your server’s performance issues, but can go a long way toward offering your users with a smooth experience while browsing your website.

That said, keep in mind that a CDN is not an absolute necessity and in many cases your website may still perform well without using one.

Still, chances are it would probably perform better with one.

If you are running a highly trafficked, mission-critical WordPress website, you stand to reap the biggest performance benefits a CDN offers and you should definitely consider it as part of your optimization tools.

Summary & Conclusion

Do not only use a CDN to speed up your page.

Use it to optimize your viewer’s experience so that you may leave a mark to every viewer in the world.

Bringing up the question on whether or not to implement a CDN on your WordPress website generally strikes up some debate with people in the market.

Let us know in the comments section if you have any questions about whether you need a CDN for your WordPress blog or not.

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