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Windows App Development

Web apps are taking away the internet by storm these days. There is a shift in perception of the end-user as he spends more time on internet from his smartphone or tablet as compared to browsing from desktop/laptop.
Windows App

There is a rapid change in the internet market and to make most of it, companies are pushing hard to increase their presence on every possible mobile application development platform so that they do not miss any chunk of users.

Companies are leveraging this rapid growth in the apps usage.

Analysts are gradually observing the boom in Windows App market as more and more users are diverting and increasing their presence in Windows specific devices across the globe.

We have an exceedingly experienced and qualified club for handling the design, development, testing and deployment of iPad Apps.

Delivering Real Time Application

In our company, our Windows mobile development services target at delivering real time application analyzing real time data which is delivered as per customer needs or custom needs ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the user’s data.

Building a secure application that properly authenticates user’s credentials and secures its data in every state of movement is our prime focus.

Our developers are equipped with .Net compact framework along with SS3, Sliverlight Tech, HLSL, Javascript, HTML 5 etc.

We do Windows app development along with app customization, fine-tuning, business based app development framework, App QA & Testing services.

We make sufficient efforts to understand client’s requirement by asking them series of questions and interacting with them closely.

It is very crucial to understand client’s needs and to build a clear picture of the application he wants to cater to his customer/business.

Our team analyzes the tasks that application will perform in variety of context.

With this as an input, we recognize the process and functions of the application and build data flow chart to demonstrate client’s model.

This model connects all the inputs gathered from the client and builds an information flow stats of the application to be built.

Challenges &

Our team also presents the challenges and opportunities with respect to Windows app development program to clarify any upcoming hindrance in the future.

After which Windows app development phase kicks off with taking feedback from client in every granular stages.

Developers start with unit testing of their code and pass on feedback to managerial department.

As the development phase reaches a benchmark stage then the application is handed over to our Quality Assurance team that test the desired functionality and throughput of the application.

Quality Assurance team makes sure that bugs are detected and rectified in earlier stages.

Focus is also laid in the responsiveness of the application and its capability to handle loads. We include multiple iterations i.e. development—testing—development so that code becomes finer and smoother to operate.

The final testing phase includes connecting to real time networks and putting on real time load.

We observe and test all these factors very meticulously to see uniformity of the code and application.

Our developers have worked on variety of mobile application development platform and they possess technical competence in every sectors of development.

They have robust hands on experience in developing Windows Application in a variety of assignments and projects.

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