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Finance App Development

With the increasing technology within smartphones and mobile devices, these handheld computers have become quite the useful tool across a range of industries. From restaurants to ecommerce sites, plenty of businesses and industries can benefit from mobile apps. One industry that’s taken advantage of such is finance. From online banking to stock market reports, there are plenty of finance apps available. Nevertheless, there’s always room to improve—and Echo Innovate IT can help.

Depending on your business, creating a finance app for your clients and consumers is a great way to help them streamline processes and build upon your company’s reputation. In developing a finance app, however, there’s plenty to consider, including both benefits and necessary features to reap such benefits.

Benefits of a Finance App

finance appsWhether your business operates within personal finance or financial decisions, or any any other regard, creating a finance app with both necessary and innovative features can do wonders for your clientele and, in turn, your own business.

For example, a brokerage could create an app focused around the stock market, allowing users to access stock reports, manage their own portfolio, and read up on top news stories. You could even incorporate a trading portal where users can make and manage trades, all kept within their portfolio. In short, a finance app can be quite advantageous, so long as you include innovative features that also set your app apart from the rest.

Common Finance App Features

Though it often takes a new and innovative idea to launch a successful mobile app, you also need to consider key features demanded by consumers, or your clients. Considering this, there are a few common finance app features that always make sense to incorporate alongside any ideas you might have of your own. For help, take a look at the list below:

  • Calculators: Though any smartphone has its own calculator, you can create calculators for specific formulas within financing, allowing users a quick way to calculate future value, starting investments, etc.
  • Stock Market Report: This one is huge for traders. Having a stock market report alongside other helpful features is a necessity. Moreover, you can allow users to create their own reports, graphs, and charts to suit their preferences.
  • Portfolio: Needless to say, this allows users to keep track of trades and any other pertinent information they need to access regularly. Ensure they have the ability to customize their portfolio as well.
  • Industry News: Adding a news section to your finance app is key. This makes your app a one-stop place for a range of finance needs. Whether news displays upon opening the app or has its own section, it’s a great way to keep users coming to the app daily.

Build Your Finance App Today!

If you’d like to develop your own finance app, or any mobile app for that matter, Echo Innovate IT can help. Our expert team of developers and designers can help you throughout the entire process, from incorporating key features to creating an appealing design and layout. If you’re ready to get started, or have any questions, contact us today. You can also give us a call at 386.675.0158.