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Education App Development

While smartphones and other mobile devices are often seen as a distraction for students, they can also be quite useful, as the use of education apps in the classroom and at home has grown significantly throughout this modern age. Whether used for test prep or for communicating with teachers and students after school hours, education apps have proven to be both effective and beneficial—and there’s always room for improvement and innovation.

If your company is looking into creating an education app, Echo Innovate IT can help you throughout the entire development process. We’ve assisted countless businesses make their app visions a reality, and we’re always eager to help our fellow innovators bring something new to the table. As you begin planning for your app, take a moment to see the benefits of education apps and some key features you can include in your own.

Benefits of an Education App

As you can imagine, there’s really no limit to what education apps can include and offer to students and teachers. Whether it’s for test preparation, after-school communication, homework reminders, or simply e-reading, an education app can help in a variety of ways. Of course, they can also cater more to teachers, or students. For instance, an app for teachers might include classroom-management features, like a place to note student behavior. Then, as alluded to above, a student-oriented app could offer quizzes and awards in studying for an exam.

Needless to say, the benefits of your education app will all come down to the features you include. In considering specific features, you’ll need to keep your target market in mind. Are you creating an app that’s more suited for teachers, or do you want something that students can utilize outside of the classroom?

Key Features for an Education App

While the features you ultimately choose to include in your education app will depend on who you’re targeting (teachers or students), we’ve listed a range of key features to consider as you enter the development stages. Some may cater to teachers, while others are more student-oriented. Either way, the features below can be quite advantageous for students and teachers. Take a look:

  • Question/Answer Module: A more obvious choice, question answer modules are great for test prep and studying. Students can login before a test and go through a series of questions. Then you have the option to add awards and badges to encourage students.
  • Level Settings: Necessary for the question/answer feature above, the app should allow users to set a difficulty level, as to not bore the student with easy questions and lose their attention.
  • Teacher/Student Messaging: For general questions after school, a messaging feature is a great way to allow students and teachers to communicate off campus. Whether students need extra help or parents have a question, instant messaging can make communication quick and easy.
  • Speech/Narration: For younger students who are still learning to read, speech or narration features can help the student best understand what is being asked. This can be especially helpful for students learning English as a second language, or any student simply learning a second language.
  • Classroom Management Notes: These are a great feature for teachers. Whether they need to mark absentees, tardy students, or make notes on behavior, management notes are a great way to do so. Plus, they can be used alongside other features like storage and reminders.

Make Your App a Reality

If you have a great idea for an app and need help through development, look no further than Echo Innovate IT. Our expert team of developers and designers can help ensure your app meets your vision and the demands of your intended users. If you’d like to get started, contact us today! You can also call us at 386.675.0158.