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10 Amazing Ways to Promote Your App For Free

Marketing is really important if you want your product to succeed, no matter if we’re talking about a smartphone, sports gear, food product or an application.

Luckily for developers, there are a number of ways to promote your applications, and they are more or less free.

We live in an interesting age, the internet has become an integral part of our lives, and the same can be said about social networks.

There is a ton of social networks out there and they can play a huge part in promoting your content, though that’s not the only way, of course.

Anyhow, before we begin, there’s one rule that you should remember before promoting your app – don’t spam!

This is kind of understandable, but people get carried away if they’re not making any progress and start spamming them with content, nobody likes that and chances are you’ll get ignored if you do so.

There are plenty of marketing strategies that can successfully promote your app – you are either going to have to give time or money to your marketing campaigns.

Either way, let’s begin, here are 10 ways to promote your app (listed in no specific order):

1. Open up a website


Chances are this is the first thing that comes to mind to the majority of people.

Every app should have a website, a place where you’ll keep all the important info so that people can access it and check out what you have to offer whenever they choose to do so.

Luckily, there are a number of easy ways to do this nowadays.

There are a lot of services available, and same can be said about themes for your websites.

WordPress is worth mentioning, of course, it can be really painless and useful when you set it up.

2. Guest Blogs


This term might or might not be familiar to you, but it’s a great way to promote your app.

By guest blogging, you can get links to your app’s website and by doing that increase its visibility in Google search rankings, which is great, of course.

More people will be able to spot your website, and thus able to access it. Visit MyBlogGuest.com and find people who are willing to trade links with you.

3. E-Mail Marketing Campaigns


E-mail marketing campaigns can be really useful, and you can use Getresponse, Aweber, and many others in order to create your own.

What are e-mail marketing campaigns?

Well, a way for you to communicate to people who are interested in your products.

You should collect the e-mails of those people and use services like the ones mentioned above in order to establish some sort of a relationship with your peers.

4. Facebook


Facebook is the biggest social media network in the world, and of course you should take advantage of that. How?

Well, create a Facebook page, for starters.

You can then visit communities like Startup SF, Startup NYC and App Entrepreneurs in order to promote your app… and also get feedback from people, which is always useful.

Facebook is the number one social network you should be paying attention to if you’re aiming to offer your app globally.

5. Twitter


Another social network that you should pay attention to, also one of the biggest social media networks in the world, of course.

Twitter actually has a couple of tools that might help you promote your app, like TweetAdder and Twitter Cards.

The former can actually automatically create following for your app, and if you’d like to spend some cash, for $50 you can get an automated tool which follows, unfollows, generates tweets and RTs the way you’d like it to.

Twitter Cards can be integrated into content that is shared from your app, and can be really effective when it comes to reaching users in their Twitter feed.

You can also use the Advanced Search option which is super powerful.

Watch these 22 FREE videos to learn more about the Tweaks and Tricks of Twitter.

6. Meetups


You can always attend various meetups in order to promote your app.

If you live in the US, there are various meetups organized in New York City and San Francisco, though these are not the only cities in the US where you can attend such event.

The situation is similar outside of the US as well, though it depends on where you live.

Either way, meetups are a great way to tell people about your app and get their attention fact to face.

7. Pinterest and Scoop.it

These two social networking sites have a similar function.

All you need to do, is share your app on either (or both) of these social networks and they will end up being re-pinned and available in a number of boards all over the network’s ecosystem.

You can never promote your app enough via social networks, find as many as you can.

8. Google+


Google+ is also a very popular social network, though it functions a bit differently than the ones we’ve mentioned.

Google+ actually utilizes ‘Communities’, which can be a great way to promote your app.

There are a number of communities on Google+ which can immensely help you reach your goal and get your app out there.

Communities like Mobile App Developers and Internet Startups are good examples.

9. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network which actually has a ton of interest-based groups, this social network is actually full of high-skilled people which can help you out.

You can actually target a specific set of people if you choose to do so.

If you’re interested, check out how you can create a Company Page on LinkedIn and you them to promote your business (your app).

10. Online Forums


There are a number of online forums which you can use in order to promote your content.

Business Week’s Business Exchange, American Express’ Open Forum and Startup Hub are all good examples.

Posting to forums in general can help you bring a ton of click to your website, and thus promote your application.

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