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Search Engine Optimization

When we talk about online marketing, SEO remains in a great buzz all the time.

Not everyone is familiar with the concept although especially a layman entrepreneur.

Well, SEO is a set of frameworks/methodologies designed to increase traffic in a particular domain to obtain higher placement of that domain in search result of search engine that can be Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.

It is now becoming a common trend of internet surfers to rely on search engine for their internet browsing.

Higher listing websites will have a better chance to get higher amount of visitors from the internet users.

Whether a company is a start-up or part of big enterprise; we help to minimize the huge effort to get a simple click from potential customers or visitors.

Top of SERP

To place your website in top of SERP, we consistently evolve and create brand awareness in a proper SEO based model.

We implement SEO as a permutation and combination of multiple techniques that involves tweaking/altering your website to place them in higher ranking in the search results.

We are well aware of all the fundamental parameters and algorithms that search engines such as Bing or Google work on to maintain their quality.

Our SEO practices take account of combination of strategies for optimizing the visibility of your websites geographically.

We implement search results based upon the region also in order to aim the target market.

So it is an integral part of our approach to make a result visible on local zone or global zone considering its marketing presence.

The Algorithm Used

Like any other technology, the algorithms used by these set of search engines keeps on changing and reforming/evolving so we make sure to adhere to these changes and keep on updating according to new rules to escalate their online presence.

Talking of algorithms, let’s talk about the latest algorithm that was announced by Google in 2013 which was Hummingbird.

The key idea behind this update was that it as precise and fast than previous Penguin and Panda algorithms.

We have worked on the algorithms extensively.

As per the latest updates we focus more on the query and sentence formation rather than just the keyword.

We understand that Hummingbird runs through the content and look for what the sentence means and how the keyword is used in the sentence.

So our team, especially the content writing team makes sure that there is no place for keyword stuffing or content spinning.

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Step 2:

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Step 3:

After Proposal approval , our dedicated project manager (single point of contact) will assign designers + developers team to commence work on your project.