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HTML5 Web Development

HTML 5 is the newer version of traditional mark-up language which supports rich dynamic and multimedia features which can be audio/video, graphics and animations. With HTML5 it’s easy for the customer/administrator to manage the content of the website which can be addition, deletion and modification of text/images/graphics.

Here are a few advantages of HTML 5:

Outstanding feature of HTML 5 is its ability to play audio and video without the need of external plug-ins.

It permits drag and drop which makes web development process smoother and efficient.

Canvas options allow sketching complex graphics and animations with ease.

Faster response time than the convectional HTML pages.

More creativity with shorter lines of codes.


We have years of development experience in HTML along with its cross platform integration, which gives us an edge to render infallible functional services across all the industry verticals. Our talented pool of developers are familiar with various cutting edge methodologies to build feature rich web designs to attract the probable/existing customers.

Quality website development with affordable price

Highly governed framework to produce best results which exceeds client’s expectations

Complete transparency in the project management

Timely project delivery

High end customized HTML 5 development

CMS Implementation Services

Use of Latest Technologies

Our testing methodologies include Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System testing, Stabilization testing along with user acceptance testing

We also take care of web security configuration checks before bringing the website live

HTML Development Services Includes

Dynamic/Customizable HTML 5 Web Development

CSS3 HTML 5 Web Development

HTML 5 App Development

HTML 5 iPhone, iPad application development

HTML 5 Android apps and games development

Cross platform and cross functional HTML app development

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Step 1:

Once you submit your request our Business Analyst will speak with you to discuss and define project requirements in detail within 24 working hours.

Step 2:

Followed by that our Analyst will provide detailed project proposal including cost estimate, project plan & timeline within next 1 – 2 working days. We shall start working on your project as soon as Proposal is approved.

Step 3:

After Proposal approval , our dedicated project manager (single point of contact) will assign designers + developers team to commence work on your project.