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Microsoft Web Application Dev

Microsoft is a rapidly changing and evolving environment in which all the top class enterprises applications can be developed. Microsoft is constantly evolving itself to harness customer’s requirements on any infrastructure.
Microsoft Web App

With introduction of cloud operational services Microsoft has been laying down its own infrastructure platform which can provide ground work for powerful applications and services to run and rely on.

Dynamic infrastructure services and applications which depends on Microsoft platforms extracts full advantages from Microsoft’s architecture and provides responsive throughput in varying conditions.

We provide a variety of Microsoft Application development and enhancements services which are primarily based on following platform:

— Share point
— BizTalk
— Azure (Microsoft Cloud Infrastructure Platform)

Proficient Team of engineers

We have a proficient team of engineers who are well versed in enterprise level .Net system designs, developing user friendly windows phone applications, web based service catering applications, desktop based applications, .net based custom controls etc.

Microsoft based application, if properly governed and developed, plays important role in boosting one’s business needs making a product which is flexible, reliable and scalable.

We concentrate on each and every facet of application or website or software development process, and with that microscopic vision we are able to meet demands of 100s of clients.

In context of expertise in Microsoft, we have engineers and developers who are Microsoft certified and have been of great assistance for various projects related to migration services, porting services, product development and specific application based services.

They have in-depth knowledge and dexterous skillset in programming and development on .Net and SharePoint based application.

We have also developed web service based on SOAP framework, WSE, SOA etc. Our capability to integrate or migrate to SQL Server is result-driven, as we have a set of knowledge and tool-kits to make the transition a bit smoother.

By efficiently utilizing .Net framework, our developers extract maximum quality of resource out of it.

They have experience to easily adjust themselves for advance frameworks and concepts like Microsoft Presentation Framework & Windows Communication Foundation.

We can bring amazing customization in your product or application since we tend to know in and out of any framework like .Net or ADO .Net.

Our Primary
Set Includes

Upgrades Services

Upgrades with or without code optimization or modification
Upgrading Customized & Add-ons based applications

Integration Services

Integration with SQL server based databases
Integrating applications with Microsoft based tools like BizTalk, SharePoint etc.

Migration Services

Among legacy versions of SharePoint to the newer versions
Legacy based service to .Net platform migration

Database Migration

Upgrade & Integration Services

Enterprise Based Mobility Services …

… along with Cloud provisioning, implementation services & Consultation

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