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It is probably one of today’s most frequently asked questions everywhere! So it’s former to answering it.

As we know application becomes more and more integrated into our everyday lives.

So first you need to determine what features & functionalities you want to incorporate into your app.

Pricing an app is next to impossible without a full scope breakdown, but a good guideline to go by is that an app will cost as much as a decent car.

Let us break up the iPhone app development cost.

It’s a general idea, with basic requirements of a project.

It will of course help those who are planing for an iPhone app development.

When it comes to an iPhone app development, you must have a proper idea about the budget.

The cost of iPhone app development entirely depends on the type of app you want to devise.

Here’s a list has been prepared that breaks down the costs of different types iPhone app development projects:

Cost of table based iphone app development >>

It is rather easy to design and develop table based applications.

The estimated cost for this type of application does not exceed from $1000-4000.

Cost of apps using database >>

The native mobile application development using database can cost between $8000-50,000.

Games >>

The most popular genre in the mobile application development is game development and this is of course the costlier one.

Also, in game development, the costliest one is iPhone app development.

According to an estimate, Rovio Entertainment invested between $125,000-180,000 in designing and developing their world popular game Angry Birds.

So cost fluctuates depending on functionalities that you want to integrate into your app, as well as on your development model and the tool/partner, you use to develop the app (i.e. framework, programming, graphics, small screen devices (for app compilation), JavaScript, secure backend support, creative developers, etc.).

Now when mobile has rooted deeply in our everyday life counting more than 1 billion smartphone users worldwide and has become a key to any business success, many of us want to use its magic to monetize our craziest app ideas.

First things first – let’s figure out what actually influences the cost of development.

In general, all mobile apps are divided into the 5 main categories:

  •  Data-driven apps

    Apps whose dynamic data are either stored in a local database or retrieved from an external pool (e.g. Twitter)

  •  Game apps

    Both simple game apps like isometric games and games using 2D and 3D modeling of objects and characters (e.g. ARBasketball)

  •  Device apps

    Apps that aim to simplify and/or improve some of mobile device functions such as alarm, calendar, tasks, etc (e.g., Instagram)

  • Custom functionality apps

    Apps developed specifically to your or your client’s custom requirements that have no off-the-shelf alternatives (e.g. Vegaster)

  • Custom utility apps

    Apps that allow users to input content in a specific way (e.g. Selectica SLM)

  • On-demand apps

    This one is newer, but this is, I believe, the future of apps.

It’s true that one can’t derive a potential development cost of a project (be it an App or any other software for that matter) unless business and functional requirements are clear.

Nevertheless, let us try to help you with the cost idea (assuming, one is outsourcing the project to a full time developer/ company in country like India + Creative Artwork is not included in this For one platform, let’s take iOS):

  • A simple App with no backend

    A basic App (and no big logic!), but just static functionality, with 5-6 screens – should be around 5K USD. An example could be a simple ‘diet planner App”, “photo frame app”, “calculator app/ budget planner” etc.

  • A bit heavier App with a DB/ server, Simple user analytics

    (Exchange data via API), with backend dependent functionality, search/ data inputs/ result screens, with content being exchanged back and forth between client side and server, using camera/ gps functionality of the device and bit more, should be costing between 14 K to 25K (for launch version) (QA and Performance optimization are also a bigger job in such projects).

  • A complex App with decent server side, custom user analytics

    (with lots of functionality, frequent content management, intelligent algorithms, religious QA / Testing, using almost all resources of device including camera, gps, accelerometer; and then having features pertinent to iAds, inApp purchase, Video streaming lite / premium versions, State-of-the art backend CMS panel and much more); such App (or better we call it complete mobile solution) should be costing starting from 25 K USD (for launch version with only features) to beyond 50K (for advanced versions after achieving good user base).

  • And if it is a high-graphics oriented game (2D/ 3D etc.)

    Then it should be starting from minimum 20 K, and you can then go beyond 100 K (as you’d keep on increasing the features, stages, graphics, of the game; utilizing social media/ game center as well).

The level of complexity for iPhone App Development is determined by a variety of factors including:

  • Project scale – the more analysis, efforts and integration are needed – the more expensive the app.
  • OS versions – limiting the testing of your app to the latest version of Android or iOS will substantially lower down the cost of development, but will most likely add more costs in a mid to long run as a result of bugs fixing and app’s optimization for previous OS versions at post-production stages.
  • Resources to be used – hiring a freelancer will usually cost you between $50 to $200 / hour depending on the geography, while partnering with a professional apps development company will give you an edge of experience, no copyright violations and a ROI guarantee.
  • Development from scratch versus using app templates to save money – if you tend to create a winning mobile app and not just another average one you should be ready to invest in unique design and UI, so it’s highly recommended to always have a custom app design (that’s also good for the copyright of your app).

Also, note that some app development studios may charge you extra for your app design and graphics, so make sure to partner with one that includes design cost into the project estimate!


Unless you’re a developer don’t offshore.

With offshoring, you’re going to run into problems unless you know how to vet an offshore team.

This means looking at their code and likewise design.

Design in particular can be very much cultural and what works here the states may not work in Spain, Russia, or India and vice versa.

Design also doesn’t mean anything unless it serves a purpose.

A beautiful but obtuse visual design will kill your product.


Prices can run anywhere from $5k in developing markets to $50k in Central Europe and up.

iPhone App Development companies are good and bad.

There are many companies that make apps, and we’re one of them.

On the cheaper side, some can charge as little as 30k for an app that’s offshored to Latin America or Eastern Europe, while others will charge 300k for the same.

At the end of the day there are many factors that come into play here.

However a good company will have oversight, they’ll help you make hard product decisions, and they’ll bring you down to earth on some asks because they will not be necessary for your product.

Last but not least, the overall iPhone app development budget depends on the features you want to add to the final product.

The more the features are added to the application, the more the budget increases.

If you are newer to this field, considering above mentioned aspects are worthwhile.

The rest depends on your sense of responsibility.