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Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Today’s marketplace has evolved and transitioned into larger arena where businesses want to attract diverse customers/consumers and convert every probable viewer into customers to gain more profits.
Cross Platform Mobile App Development

The problem is presence of competitors across diverse domain which fetches customers as per their preferable platforms & requirement needs.

Mobile Applications which seamlessly run on diverse platforms like iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry are named as cross-platform mobile apps.

So, for any business to create and brand cross-platform mobile apps, takes business a long way in terms of ROI if it is implemented with proper expertise.

We, as a company are assisting our customers to face the diverse mobile app development challenges by constructing proper framework for them so that each task can be implemented seamlessly.

The concept of cross platform development came into existence in early 90’s to cater the needs of software development industry.

The results of the same were successful implementation of Flash and Adobe Air in different web browsers.

We have years of expertise in developing cross platform apps in all the different frameworks to suit particular client’s or business needs.

The most popular cross platform frameworks are Sencha Touch, PhoneGap, Appcelerator and Xamarin.

There are tools like iFactr which assist companies to build the prototypes more quickly helping the developers to craft an application as per user’s needs.

Our developers have extensive hands-on exposure to develop feature rich, expandable, responsive and stable cross-platform mobile application for nearly all the verticals i.e. health, tourism, finance, ecommerce etc.


Common Development Language

Implementing common language for development across all the platforms with same advantage of native apps in terms of controls and efficient performance eases the developer’s effort s. Because of this, rapid development can be carried out with periodic quality analysis to create more reliable and cleaner code. HTML5 also comes with this inherent advantage that one can build native app with enhanced performance by utilizing common language as per developer’s expertise.

Singular Team

Development tasks can be easily carried out by one team so that it’s easy to manage deadlines, roll out plans and match the objectives as per client’s requirement. It has been observed that cross-platform apps can be developed more quickly as compared to its counterparts i.e. native apps because with them when one is ready, they all are ready.

Lower Maintenance Cost

After the app is deployed and it goes live, the maintenance cost it incurs is very low as there is one development team who is accessing the change requests to maintain the same. They also support for backend technology which you not receive in case of native apps.

Payment Gateway

We also provide efficient integration of payment gateway services across all platforms and integration with leading payment solutions such as PayPal, Google etc.

Why Us?

Properly capturing client’s requirement and deciding if it can be achieved via cross platform.

Appropriate selection of the framework/tools for the app development.

We have higher level managers who have years of experience in variety of frameworks, so they always give valuable inputs in selection of tool-sets/framework.

Clear, non-ambiguous stages of app development and testing.

Constant support for change management and maintenance.

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