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Cost to Build a Website?

It’s the most public question we get asked by new clients.

Well, we would like to divide this into the two separate cost elements for the creation of a website.

1) The first is a minor cost that includes the registration of your domain name and what you pay the web hosting company to rent the Internet space for hosting the site.

2) The second is what you pay someone to actually create the site for you.

We wish people would be more specific when they ask questions, especially if they expect people to spend time answering them.

What type of business? How small (US Gov considers under 500 employees small)? Objective of the website? Is a marketing plan done? Do you have a list of similar types of sites to look at?

Think about it like you are asking how much a car will cost?

Is it new or used?
Which make and model?
Are you going with the base model or adding options?
Paying monthly, bi-weekly, all at once, or leasing?
If used what year and how many miles on it?

Now for the cost to build a website it’s the same thing.

What is the purpose of the website?
Is it a simple online brochure with text and images or is it a full-fledged ecommerce site?
Are you building it yourself or hiring a professional?

It’s kind of like asking “How much does a house cost?” There are many variables that go into the scope of the cost to build a website. Your scope dictates what price range you would be looking at.

cost to build a website

When looking for what price range you should be looking at, here are some things you should be looking at:

** Where in the sales/marketing process will the website fall into place? Who will be using the website?

** How will you market this website? Do you need help with this?

** Will you need maintenance on the website?

We don’t mean to escape your burning question of “How much does it cost to Build a Website?.” But in all honesty, how much it really costs to create your website depends on so many variables.

Here are just some for you to consider when it comes to the cost to build a website:

** Use a drag & drop website builder? Or a more advanced builder like WordPress?

** Spend time to learn how to use WordPress (for example), or hiring a designer / developer?

** How much does a designer or developer cost? In developing countries (such as India) or in developed countries?

** What’s the right price for a designer or developer?

** Do I need both a designer and a developer? One is to make the website look good, and the other is a code geek that builds the engine of the website.

** Will I really get what I want after paying?

** If they don’t live in the same city / time zone as me, how do I manage them?

** Would they “really” understand my vision?

So, the questions go on and on.

The cost to build a website varies widely depending on what your requirements are and what you want to achieve with your website. We’ve found that people enquiring about websites have become more knowledgeable over the years, although we still get the odd person who wants “A website just like facebook and twitter for under $450″!

The cost to build a website and the design costs can be greatly affected by your web designer’s impression of how easy it will be to deal with you as a customer. Are you asking them to build a website for you, or are you asking them to create an entire business plan from some fuzzy idea that you had 3 minutes before you called them?

Construction of your website will usually make up the bulk of your cost to build a website. This is the process of installing software, building the graphic design and website copy into your web pages.

It could also include special features such as a content manager, online shopping carts, social media plugins and other tools such as RSS feeds and email marketing.

The more prepared you are, the more effectively your web designer will be able to help you. No preparation means more work for the designer and more cost for you.

If you know what pages you want, have an idea of layout and colors and can provide some text and quality photographs, then the cost to build a website can be reduced significantly.

If you walk into your web designer’s office with a vague idea in your head for an awesome online business, that you haven’t put on paper, you could find your cost to build a website higher than it could be if you had prepared better.

Most web designers aren’t interested in working on your business plan for you before building your website! Also remember that you are likely to have a long term relationship with your designer, so you need to feel confident that they are able to continue to support you in future.


It’s important to realize that it’s really challenging to pinpoint even a ball park cost. If you’ve ever spoken with some people who attempted to build their own houses, then a fairly consistent story is budget over-runs due to unforeseeable circumstances. The same concept applies very much the same way to building a custom site.

The cost to build a website is a constantly moving target, especially when it comes to WordPress or custom sites.


We know how frustrating it is to build your own website, especially when it is your first time. There are a million things and concerns running through your mind, and we’ve been through that ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could possibly talk to some EXPERT who can get a FREE QUOTE to build a website??? I am sure that sounds like a great thing!!!

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