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Mobile App for Travel And Tourism Industry


Having an ‘App’ is your key to surviving in the demise of advertising and rise of digital business model in Tourism Industry

Check it out with companies developing Custom Mobile App Development USA, clients from the tourism and travel industry are flocking in and seeking some support to save their businesses.

They are battling it out on two fronts, first regular business models are abolishing fast and second, they are in a need of cross platform Mobile application development.

If we go by the sources backing up the operations at then we find that business models across the world are changing very rapidly.

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If you are standing alone without an app then there are full chances that they will demolish you

Travel and tourism industry thrive on the culture of advance booking, it is a tangible service and has seasonality attached with it.

These are two crucial factors of the business model attached to the travel industry.

It is tangible and you need an assurance from a trusted person before you book it and seasonality is important if you fail in picking up the season with right pricing then rest of the year can bring in losses for you.

In the past people with best offerings were the winners, it means if you have a quality product to offer then you can handle the price sensitivity well.

It was the time when things were moving with the help of outbound or inbound traffic handlers.

In other words, it was a traffic that was driven by Principle agents, now things are changing, now internet websites and apps are in charge, most of the companies developing Custom Mobile App Development USA are trying to come with apps and other tools where they can fill the gap of a human handler or the principle agent.

It is true people are either not approaching them, even if they are approaching then they are very well informed about the place where they want to visit.

It means they have an additional bargaining power because they are not innocent enough.

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It is the plain and simple information that is playing the trick


People are very smart; they are searching for tourism destinations on the internet.

In the past “principle agents” were designing some customized solutions for them, now the things have changed; travellers are planning it on their own.

They are seeking support from various mobile apps.

If you wish to understand that how these mobile apps are changing the business models then you can take the example of an app that brought together all the hotels from unorganized sectors under a single roof.

It means that if your customer will have an access to that particular app then he will find some new hotels, which were out of the regular marketing, and advertising channels because of the higher costs attached to them.

It means that if you have an app standing by your side then it gives you a great opportunity to expand your business.

Many minor tourism infrastructure providers are capitalizing on it and believe us; they have ambitious plans for expansions as well.

An app is a primary real estate now

The definition of the primary real estate of tourism is changing now; apps are giving a tough run to regular players.

In return, regular players are adding the strength of an app into their business models as well.

It is a traffic, which is flowing from both the sides, with the help of an app you, can always step up and prepare yourself for the new digital business models that are going to rule the future.

In the past, they were struggling for ad spots in costly magazines and costlier television programming.

They are expensive mediums and force you to follow an economy of words.

However, apps have changed it completely. An app gives you a comprehensive access to your interest of the area.

It means that if you are surfing it through an app then you are free to choose an area of information and avoid all the irrelevant parts.

Cross Platform, Mobile application development keeps you updated with the changing times


It is our advice that you should pick up an app developer with a qualification to handle Cross Platform Application Development.

It is important because two major changes are taking place in the markets of mobile telephony, first people are switching over to mobile phones for their regular internet surfing and second new operating platforms are knocking the doors.

Both these changes clubbed together with the demise of regular advertising platforms are surely going to change the future business models and a digital conversion is already on the cards.

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