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Personal Fitness App

Whether you are a personal trainer or a local gym, many businesses can benefit from offering a personal fitness app for their client or customer base. Of course, there are a variety of mobile apps out there to help customize fitness plans, so you will want to include both popular, commonly used features, as well as ones that are unique to your personal fitness app.

At Echo Innovate IT, we have helped businesses across a wide range of industry type develop mobile applications to further improve and grow their companies. Before you contact us for a free quote on your personal fitness app, let us fill you in on some of the features included in similar apps, as well as the importance users find in personal fitness apps.

Importance of Personal Fitness App

Personal fitness apps can present a variety of benefits for both the app owner, and the user. Whether you are a solo personal trainer, or are the owner of a local gym, personal fitness apps give you the ability to build upon the strengths and weaknesses of the user of the app and track their progress.

Also, a personalized fitness app can help users improve their workout regimen. Giving users the ability to track their progress and improvements can help them further enhance their workout routine. This can also help motivate the users. If they notice their workout routine starting to slip, or they aren’t working out as often as they once did, the mobile app could light a fire under them to get them back into their routine.

Common Features of Personal Fitness Apps

While every personal fitness app is different, there are a number of features that are included in many of them. We have detailed some of these most common features below for your convenience.

  • Pedometer: For those who are runners, or a walkers, tracking how far users have gone can make all the difference. While pedometers are available, having the ability to use one built into your app can make the process easier, and cheaper, for users.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: You should also include a heart beta monitor in your personal fitness app so users can track their resting heart beat compared to their post workout heart beat.
  • Custom Workouts: Of course, a personal fitness app can also benefit from allowing users to build custom workout routines for various days of the week. This will help keep them focused on improving overall strength, rather than focusing on one set of muscles.

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