Why Mobile App Developers go for iOS over Android App Dev?
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Why Mobile App Developers go for iOS over Android App Dev?

89 percent of media time is spent by men and ladies on mobile app.

In the event that you as of now have a mobile app strategy set up, you can compliment yourself for settling on a decent choice.

A congratulatory gesture is admissible, yet don’t pop the champagne just yet.

A reality check is in order.

There aren’t a great deal of applications profiting.

Indeed, the disappointment rate for applications is high.

While there are loads of reasons why even great applications neglect to convey ROI, one major reason is insufficient marketing.

Yes, in the hyper aggressive universe of mobile apps, you must heat a mobile app marketing technique into your mobile app development process.

Your application won’t succeed without great marketing to back it up.

Determining the success of the apps in this competitive mobile world, mobile app marketing plays a crucial role.

But to market a mobile app we first need to create one.

When it comes to Mobile App Development this is what happens:

When developers are asked for platform to develop an app for first, most of them raise their hands for iOS – it’s too common.

iOS is surrounded by multiple benefits for developers, marketers, app owners and others connected with it.

It is more able to showcase the work of developers as compared to Android.

It is a well-equipped platform for apps with multiple features, high speed and perfect stability.

That’s why; developers prefer to go for it.

Beside this, iOS is also beneficial for some more reasons given below:

1. Better User Experience

iOS devices and apps are well-known for their attention-grabbing details.

The perfect blend of software and hardware is extremely comfortable in usage keeping maximum users busy with functionality.

2. Great Development Tools

Apple takes utmost care of developers and users.

It has furnished developers with enormous development tools having advance features to create something worth for iOS users.

3. Better App Testing Control

Apple has a legend of creating strict regulations in its iOS world.

In some sensitive cases like app testing, this strictness has proven to be an added benefit for developers.

To pass an app from testing, developers have to drive through long list of requirements which extract issues from apps making it (an app) able to move ahead for app store.

4. Loyal Users

iOS users are loyal users who never hesitate to pay for worthy apps.

Developing an app for iOS is like acquiring a surety of getting loyal users when your app reaches to the app store.

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